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Saliva test

All at home. No blood. No needles. Just a small saliva sample.

Past, present and your near future.

Our Health + Ancestry + Traits services are for you. Your saliva collection kit is all that you need and typically arrives within 3 to 7 days. Express shipping is available.

It's just saliva. No blood. No needles.

It's just saliva.

Our home-based saliva collection kit is all you need to send your DNA to the lab. We have made the process as simple as possible.

Your privacy is our priority.

You are in control. You choose how your personal genetic information is used and shared.

We will not share your individual data without your explicit consent A federal law (GINA) provides protection from employer and health insurance discrimination based on your genetics We do not provide information to law enforcement unless we are required to comply with a valid subpoena or court order. To read more about privacy from who processes your genome that is essential for further analysis, click here.

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In approximately 6 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know your reports are ready in your online account. Log in and start discovering what your DNA says about you.